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Air Vent ridge vents feature an external baffle that significantly enhances the vent's performance.

Attic Exhaust Vents.

The first stage in effective ventilation is getting the hot air out. That's what exhaust vents do.

Ridge Vents

Superior airflow and weather protection with low-profile design.

ShingleVent®II Class A
Fire-rated for Class A roof decks.

Multi-Pitch FilterVent®
Efficient ventilation with a decorative face.

VenturiVent Plus™
Optimum airflow performance for mild winter climates. Available with and without nails.

Hip Ridge® Vent
A ridge vent designed for diagonal hips.

Specialty FilterVents
Special products for special, unique projects.

Power Vents

Power Attic Vent
Moves a high volume of air to keep attic cool and dry.

Solar Powered Roof-Mounted Attic Vent
Collects power from the sun and converts it into electricity. That's cool!

Solar Powered Gable-Mounted Attic Vent
Fan mounts in gable end of house; solar panel mounts on rooftop.

Gable-Mounted Power Attic Vent
Runs 30% more quietly with 35% greater efficiency than other units.

30-Watt Roof-Mount Solar Attic Fan Model AV9930TRS
For attics up to 2,800 square feet. Includes Solar Controller™.

15-Watt Roof-Mount Solar Attic Fan Model AV9915TRS
For attics up to 1,900 square feet. Includes Solar Controller™.

Static Vents

Roof Louvers
Place several covered openings across the roof for optimal benefit.

Wall Louvers
Effective as exhaust vents when placed high in the gables.

Wind Turbines
A non-electric alternative to ventilation in areas where wind speeds of at least 5 mph are typical.

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