Will every brand of shingle correctly align on The Edge Vent in terms of nailing requirements?

No, every brand of shingle will not correctly align on The Edge Vent in terms of nailing requirements. Even if they did, Air Vent would not make that claim because we do not control shingle manufacturer’s nailing requirements for current shingles or for roofing materials that will be introduced to the market in the future. It is very possible that the installer of The Edge Vent will have to deviate from the shingle manufacturer’s recommended nailing location to ensure that both The Edge Vent and the shingles are adequately secured to the roof deck. Note: Nailing over the slot opening should be avoided to prevent damage and possible shingle and product wind uplift. Avoid nailing between 5-3/4” and 7-1/4” from the drip edge of The Edge Vent.

For example, for shingles that have a 5 5/8” course exposure, it should be acceptable to nail the first course right above the course exposure given that there will be at least a ½” overhang. A ¾” overhang will provide even more distance from the slot. NOTE: The slot is cut 5” from the edge flashing beneath the vent. The actual drip edge of the vent extends another inch beyond the edge flashing located beneath the vent for a total distance of approximately 6” from the slot. With a ½” shingle overhang, the lower edge of the shingle should be 6 ½” from the slot. This leaves approximately 1” between the shingle overlap line with a 5 5/8” course exposure and the lower edge of the slot.

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