Has Air Vent done any research on how The Edge Vent works with gutter protection products (Leaf Proof, for example)?

Air Vent has not tested the compatibility of gutter protection products in general with The Edge Vent.

In a quick review of the Leaf Proof gutter protection product, Air Vent does not believe that The Edge Vent will work without significant customization of the installation. This gutter protection product has features that slow the water speed down so that it will be diverted in the gutter. This requires that the first course shingles overlap the top flange of the Leaf Proof product. It may be possible to block out a sub fascia to support the gutter and create a ventilation space to allow air to get to The Edge Vent from directly below the slots. Then the gutter protection product could be flashed under the first course of shingles that are installed over The Edge Vent. Fastening of this upper flange could be challenging.

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