Is it OK to use the intake vent The Edge Vent as an exhaust vent in a roof-to-vertical wall application?

No. The Edge Vent is not designed to be used as an exhaust vent. It does not have an external baffle that Air Vent exhaust ridge vents do. Without the external baffle the vent would be subject to weather infiltration. Furthermore, the written instruction sheet explains that the product is an intake vent to be positioned at or near the roof’s lowest edge. Additionally, the International Residential Code effective 1.1.12 clearly states that it is a violation of building code if the manufacturer’s written installation instructions are not followed. For all of these reasons Air Vent cannot recommend the use of our intake vent The Edge Vent as an exhaust vent. Flash FilterVent, Air Vent’s exhaust metal ridge vent, is designed for roof-to-vertical wall applications.

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