Has the Hip Ridge Vent been tested?

The Hip Ridge® Vent is a brand new product to the marketplace from Air Vent, Inc. We are currently in the process of performing testing (internally and externally) for compliance with external code body agencies. As of now, we have completed the ASTM E 330 wind uplift test for certification with the Texas Department of Insurance. There have also been extensive plastics tests done to the product to ensure longevity in the field under adverse sunlight and moisture-rich conditions. These include the ASTM G 155 test which subjects the plastic of the vent to a 4500-hour long exposure to a Xenon Arc bulb to simulate a 5-year period of outdoor exposure to sunlight and must then be subjected to an ASTM D 638 tensile test to ensure no breakdown in the plastic material. The results of these tests showed an acceptable amount of change between the sample material and the control material.

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