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This industry article, published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, Air Vent asked roofing contractors to share the one message they’d like to say to a homeowner before arriving to inspect the roof and attic ventilation system.


Originally published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, Oct 14, 2019.


A residential roofing contractor has met with a homeowner to review the proposed roofing estimate, which includes an attic ventilation assessment. What often happens next is a point of frustration for many quality-conscious contractors — strong resistance from the homeowner because of price, differences between other submitted roofing estimates, or the homeowner is unwilling to fully understand the project.

“Think of attic ventilation as a prescription for good home health,” said Jeff Barnett, vice president of Barnett Roofing & Siding Inc. in Canton, Mich. “With proper ventilation, the home will breathe easier with less potential for mold and premature aging and failure of the roof system. Not to mention the reduced costs of operating the heating and cooling system.” ......(Click the link below to continue reading the full article)


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