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Roofing Pros Insist Attic Ventilation is a Core Part of their Overall Business 


Often an afterthought and sometimes ignored completely during a residential roofing project, attic ventilation could easily be viewed as a non-essential roofing accessory. Giving attention to the roof covering material is logical and more obvious. But roofing professionals refuse to underestimate the role of airflow in and out of the attic. In fact, they’ve incorporated proper attic ventilation into their business plans for many reasons, not the least of which is the homeowner’s trust and the roof’s performance.


In this industry article, published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, we examine the importance of attic ventilation as a core part of any roofing business.


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Top 10 Tips


Top Ten Air Vent Tips for Roofers From the Field 


Who knows better how well (or not so well) a residential attic ventilation system will perform than the actual installer who witnesses the results in person? Who knows exactly which installation methods are highly likely to turn into a problematic callback than the roofing contractor who once was on the receiving end of that callback?

In this industry article, published in Roofing Contractor Magazine, roofing pros across North America share their best residential attic ventilation tips that have helped them on the job.


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Clearing the Air – Considerations for Attic Ventilation

This article supports Air Vent's longstanding recommendations to roofing professionals when considering residential attic ventilation:

1) Keep the airflow balanced with INTAKE and EXHAUST regardless if you use the 1/300 or 1/150 ratio.
2) Increase the amount of overall ventilation for roofs 8/12 pitch and steeper (all of Air Vent's calculation tools have this built into their logic)
3) Having more EXHAUST than INTAKE is problematic.


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Mixing Exhaust Ventilation


Mixing Exhaust Vent Types is Problematic


In this industry article, published in Roofing Magazine, we examine the problems caused by mixing different types of exhaust vents, documenting actual cases roofing contractors have encountered in the field.


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The effects of household humidifiers on attic moisture accumulation

A word of caution about humidifiers


Thanks to Gary Bell, Pilesgrove, NJ – an attendee of the Air Vent “Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert Seminar™” we have this word of caution about humidifiers to share with you: Learn how homeowners can better manage their household humidifiers to avoid an excess buildup of moisture and condensation in their attic. Common consumer-level household humidifiers can add over 15 gallons of moisture to your home which can hinder attic ventilation performance.


pdf small Read more about humidifier management, and recommended humidity levels for optimal attic ventilation
(Includes Attic Condensation Checklist)



Humidity and Condensation




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