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The Edge Vent

Remember to balance exhaust vents with intake vents. Air Vent’s new The Edge™ Vent makes it easy with roof-top, shingle-over installation.

Hip Ridge® Vent
The shingle-over hip vent designed for hip roofs.

Hip Ridge Vent Passes Miami-Dade County Wind-Driven Rain Test
Hip Ridge Vent Success Stories

Air Vent has designed a ridge vent that gives roofing professionals another option besides power fans for today’s increasingly popular non-traditional ridgelines (hip roofs).

The low-profile, shingle-over design blends in with the hip of the roof allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. It provides exhaust along the roof’s hip allowing maximum airflow and uniform air movement throughout the attic space and its uni-directional construction allows for easy installation.



Hip Ridge® Vent FAQs | Specifications | Hip Ridge Success Stories | Hip Ridge Vent Drawing Detail | Hip Ridge Vent Product Literature
Hip Ridge Vent Installation Instructions | Hip Ridge Vent Passes Miami-Dade County’s Wind-Driven Rain Test


Hip Ridge® Vent Has TDI Listing

Air Vent’s Hip Ridge® Vent now has an evaluation report listing with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). For the TDI report Air Vent used Architectural Testing to conduct the ASTM E330 Uplift test—which measures how much pressure it takes for an attic vent to separate or break from its mounting surface. The Hip Ridge Vent withstood 320 PSF (pounds per square foot) and never separated from the deck.

The Hip Ridge Vent was introduced by Air Vent to help roofing professionals solve attic ventilation challenges on increasingly popular homes built with little or no horizontal ridgeline. It’s designed for use on the diagonal hips of a roof. The Hip Ridge Vent provides the necessary exhaust airflow for an attic when combined with a balanced amount of intake ventilation.

To view the evaluation report, click here.


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Hip Ridge® Vent Installation Photos

Hip Ridge Vent installed on one of the four diagonal ridges of the hip roof. Hip Ridge Vent installed on two of the four diagonal ridges intersecting the horizontal ridge where ShingleVent II ridge vent is installed. Using tin snips or a utility knife, roofing contractors miter cut the Hip Ridge Vent to fit into ShingleVent II ridge vent. Cap shingles installed over the Hip Ridge Vent and ShingleVent II ridge vent intersection.


Hip Ridge Vent shingled-over. Two-story hip roof.


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