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The Balance System
The Edge Vent

Remember to balance exhaust vents with intake vents. Air Vent’s new The Edge™ Vent makes it easy with roof-top, shingle-over installation.

Did you know...?

ShingleVent II delivers more airflow than competitive ridge vents.

ShingleVent II Success Stories

Functional design and clean lines. For an air of distinction.

ShingleVent II ridge vent installs on the peak of the roof allowing exhaust ventilation all along the roofline -- end-to-end.

This product proves that outstanding beauty and performance can be combined. Design features include an external baffle and internal weather filter for optimum airflow and weather protection. Less than an inch in height, this molded, high-impact copolymer shingle-over ridge vent permits capping of the ridge with shingles like the rest of the roof.



ShingleVent® II
ShingleVent II is a shingle-over ridge vent. The vent is installed across the ridge of the roof. The vent is 12" wide so that matching shingles can be installed over the vent, allowing the vent to appear almost invisible from the ground. Available in Black, Brown, Gray and Charcoal.

ShingleVent II-9
The same features as ShingleVent II, except that ShingleVent II-9 is 9" wide so that it can be used with cedar shakes or enhanced ridge cap shingles. Available in Charcoal.

ShingleVent II-7
ShingleVent II-7 is 7" wide for use with narrow, enhanced ridge cap shingles. Available in Charcoal.


The Balanced Attic Ventilation System: Gaining The Edge

The 10-minute video The Balanced Attic Ventilation System: Gaining The Edge is aimed at both roofing professionals and their homeowner customers.
The video explains how only a balanced system of both intake vents and exhaust vents can maximize the attic vents’ ability to help:

Click here to learn more and to find out how to get your copy today!


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