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Air Vent, Inc. Ventilation Overview

An Overview of Air Vent as a Company

A look at the full line of residential and light commercial products & resources Air Vent has offered the industry starting in 1976.

 Why Homes Need Attic Ventilation

This electronic presentation is provided to educate homeowners on how attic ventilation can help protect their homes. Why a home needs attic ventilation and finding the proper attic ventilation products are explained.

Watch online or download a copy to your laptop to use at your next homeowner consultation visit.

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Gaining the Edge

The Balanced Attic Ventilation System: Gaining The Edge

The video explains how only a balanced system of both intake vents and exhaust vents can maximize the attic vents’ ability to help:

  • reduce heat buildup
  • reduce moisture buildup
  • prevent ice dams
  • prolong the life of building materials
  • reduce the load on HVAC systems


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Fighting Ice Dams with Ventilation Balanced Ventilation Ventilation Resources from Air Vent

Chicago-area roofer explains how he fights ice dams

Roofing contractor Scott Owen explains his approach to fighting ice dams common in his Chicago-area market.

Roofer explains why balanced ventilation is best.

To be most effective the attic ventilation system must be balanced. Hear this roofing contractor explain how and why.

Find the solutions to your toughest attic ventilation projects

Air Vent has the tools, resources, expertise and products to help you be a ventilation expert.

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Sometimes seeing is believing. So we’ve collected some of the most telling performance-based test results from the many years of extensive attic ventilation product testing Air Vent has undertaken and feature them here. See for yourself why all ridge vents are not created equal in terms of airflow performance as well as protection from the weather including heat and water.


Intake Vents

The Edge Vent

The Edge Vent The Edge Vent The Edge Vent

Edge Vent Product Installation Overview

Here’s a step-by-step look at installing The Edge Vent. Viewer alert: Keep an eye out for climate-appropriate underlayment under and over the vent.

Rooftop-Installed Intake Vent Helps Solve Challenges

Whether the roof has overhangs or not, Air Vent’s Edge Vent provides proper intake ventilation for the exhaust vents. Its shingle-over design blends with the roof and its rooftop installation keeps the roofing contractor in complete control of the entire attic ventilation system. See how it installs and its three layers of weather protection.

Home Restorations The Edge™ Vent Installation Video

Check out this short video filmed by longtime ShingleVent II ridge vent user Bill Thomas (Mechanicsville, MD) featuring Air Vent’s ridge vent and The Edge Vent. In 4-short minutes Bill details many of the key installation steps.

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Ridge Vents

ShingleVent II

ShingleVent II
Smoke House Test

Using a transparent smoke house setup, this segment demonstrates the effective ridge vent ventilation of heat and moisture using the Bernoulli Effect with ShingleVent II.

Ridge Vent Net Free Area
vs. Actual Airflow

This segment highlights why a ridge vent’s Net Free Area rating is not the best indicator of the ridge vent’s actual performance.

Ridge Vent Heat Buildup Test

This segment examines how well or how poorly various styles of ridge vents minimize heat buildup inside the attic in testing conducted at the University of Illinois.

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ShingleVent II ShingleVent II ShingleVent II

Ridge Vent Smoke Bomb Demonstration

This segment highlights how well a ridge vent designed with an external baffle uses the wind to its advantage to pull more air out of the attic in testing conducted at the University of Florida. See the Bernoulli Effect for yourself!

Ridge Vent Water Infiltration
Test Video

This segment examines the weather protection capabilities of various styles of ridge vents in tests conducted at Architectural Testing Labs. You won’t believe the amount of water some ridge vents allow into the attic!

Ridge Vent Dust Infiltration
Test Video

This segment simulates 10 years of wind-blown dust exposure for various styles of ridge vents and measures the impact the dust has on the ridge vent’s airflow performance. Once and for all: Does Air Vent’s internal weather filter clog? No, and here’s the proof.

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ShingleVent II  

Ridge Vent Class A Fire Resistance Testing

This segment highlights footage of Class A rated 7-inch wide and 9-inch wide ShingleVent II ridge vent passing UL’s most stringent fire resistance testing: “Spread of Flame” and “Burning Brand.” Class A is a requirement in areas where wild fires are common.

Ridge Vent Airflow Readings

This segment examines the design and density of various styles of ridge vents and measures their actual airflow performance in tests conducted at Architectural Testing Labs.

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Hip Ridge Vent

Hip Ridge Vent Hip Ridge Vent  

Hip Ridge Vent Installation Overview

Get a quick understanding of the step-by-step process of installing the Hip Ridge Vent on the diagonal hips of roofs. VIEWER ALERT: Keep an eye out for the non-continuous slot cuts required.

Hip Ridge Vent Passes Miami-Dade County’s Wind-Driven Rain Test
vs. Actual Airflow

Check out the ONLY diagonally installed ridge vent on the market that passed Miami-Dade County’s tough wind-driven rain test with winds up to 110 MPH.


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 Airhawk Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines    

Passing the Miami-Dade County Test

What happens to a wind turbine when subjected to 110 mph wind-driven rain? If it’s an Airhawk® wind turbine, no worries. Watch us put our 12-inch and 14-inch wind turbines to the Miami-Dade County stringent test.



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SLP150 Slant-Back Roof Louver


SLP150 Slant-Back Roof Louver

Air Vent’s largest roof louver successfully handled wind-driven rain in speeds ranging from 35 to 110 MPH.



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Air Vent Contractor LocatorOur exclusive Contractor Locator will allow you to find contractors in your area who can assist with Air Vent product installation—including solar attic fans and skylight tubes. Click the link below to register and get started.


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