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Air Vent University

Air Vent is committed to helping roofing professionals everywhere by collecting and sharing best practices and solutions in residential attic ventilation.

Air Vent University is an extension of this commitment. Here you’ll find useful information to help you in the field now and as a reference for the future. We’ll add new “lesson plans” regularly. We’ll also mix in some fun with pop quizzes and occasional prizes. And check out our podcast, too. Welcome.




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Lesson Plans


May 2020 Lesson Plan

ShingleVent II Installation Animation


In this quick video you’ll see how our four-foot stick ridge vent ShingleVent II installs, including roof pitch requirements, slot cut and the ever important, often overlooked intake ventilation needs. Hope you find it helpful.







April 2020 Lesson Plan

Attic Ventilation Educational Video
(Shortened version of the “Ask the Expert” Seminar)


This video is extracted from the annual Air Vent Seminar “Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert™” held in-person for roofing professionals across North America every 1st quarter. The seminar is an overview of residential attic ventilation best practices, solutions, categories of intake & exhaust vents, and much more.


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Ask the Expert Seminar: Early Notification

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April 2020 Quiz: Attic Ventilation Educational Video


To test your knowledge about what you learned in the April 2020 Lesson Plan featuring our Attic Ventilation Educational video, please take our short 5-question Pop Quiz. Your answers will be “graded” as you go, so you’ll know immediately if you were right or wrong.

There’s no scorecard, so don’t worry about a grade. To add some fun, we’ll send an Air Vent golf shirt to 10 random participants just for taking the quiz, regardless of your quiz answers.

Be sure you indicate your shirt size below. Good luck and happy learning!






Airing it Out with Air Vent is a podcast focusing on residential attic ventilation best practices, tips, and solutions. It is an extension of our popular Attic Ventilation: Ask the Expert in-person seminars held for residential roofing professionals across North America every winter. Listen to episodes below, or find us on your favorite Podcast Network.



More coming soon...


Episode 1 - Most Homes Have Incorrect Attic Ventilation. So What?


Episode 1: Most attics have incorrect or insufficient ventilation. Our survey shows it’s 77% of today’s homes. So What? In this episode of Airing it Out with Air Vent, we dive deep into the potential consequences of improperly ventilated attics and explain why it matters.






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